Roadside Recovery: Using a Tow Truck Service

Hello, my name is Brian and I live in Syndey, Australia with my wife and our four kids. I have a busy day job working in an office, so at the weekends, I like to get away from it all. Last year, I took my wife and kids out for a drive into the Outback. I am a pretty experienced driver, but I still managed to get the wheels of our car stuck in some deep mud. The sun was getting low in the sky and I started to panic. Thankfully, I managed to contact the local tow truck company who sent a man out to rescue us. He even towed my car to the nearest garage and gave me some top tips about how to tow vehicles. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Important Things to Remember When Requesting for Towing Services for the First Time


If you thought that unprecedented vehicle breakdown spares some people, think again. Vehicles are a complex chain of moving and stationary parts that work together to concert mechanical and chemical energy into kinetic (moving) energy. For this reason, it is hard to keep an eye on everything that goes on in your car, and some repair may catch you unawares. You will need towing services at some point when your vehicle leaves you stranded in the middle of the road. When requesting for towing services for the first time, here are some of the important things you must remember:  

Explain the Status of the Scene

When you reach out to a towing service provider in the middle of an emergency, don't just give your location and ask them to come and tow you away. You need to be as detailed as possible and try to give the tow guy a picture of what is really on the ground. For instance, tell him or her if the car is easily accessible or not. Obstructions such as ongoing roadworks, other vehicles and highway walls can impede easy access to your vehicle. By feeding them with many details, you will help your service provider to choose the right truck for the job and schedule the best pick up time for your vehicle.

Alternative Transport for Other Car Occupants

In most cases, towing trucks can carry one or two passengers. If you had other occupants in the vehicle, then you must arrange for alternative means of transport to get to a place where they can wait for you as you sort your vehicle's mess. Get a taxi or call in a friend to take care of the overflow.

Instructions to the Mechanic

In some cases, you may not be able to accompany the tow guy to a service centre to repair the vehicle. Take a case where the other occupants in the car are children and you cannot leave them on their own or under the care of a taxi driver. You will be forced to leave the car with the towing personnel so that they can take it to the garage. In such cases, communicate with your mechanic directly if you have their contact or write down any special instructions you would like the tow guy to deliver to them. Direct communication prevents the possibility of misinformation and covers anything that the towing guys might forget to relay.


14 April 2017