Roadside Recovery: Using a Tow Truck Service

Hello, my name is Brian and I live in Syndey, Australia with my wife and our four kids. I have a busy day job working in an office, so at the weekends, I like to get away from it all. Last year, I took my wife and kids out for a drive into the Outback. I am a pretty experienced driver, but I still managed to get the wheels of our car stuck in some deep mud. The sun was getting low in the sky and I started to panic. Thankfully, I managed to contact the local tow truck company who sent a man out to rescue us. He even towed my car to the nearest garage and gave me some top tips about how to tow vehicles. I hope you enjoy my blog.

4 Instances You Might Need the Help of Breakdown Towing Services


Even with timely repairs and routine maintenance services, cars may break down at the most inconvenient time. Vehicle troubles are a nightmare to anyone, especially if they occur in unfamiliar territory or during the dead hours of the night. Fortunately, breakdown towing services are readily available to help out distressed drivers in times of need.

But when is it necessary to call a breakdown towing service for help? Here are four instances only a breakdown towing service can offload your car trouble burden and transport your car to safety.

1. You Run Out of Gas in the Middle of Nowhere

Anyone can forget to refill their gas tanks trying to get to work on time or attending to other errands. Unfortunately, your car won't run without gas and might stop when you least expect it.

A breakdown towing service may come in handy. They could help you tow your car to the nearest gas station for refuelling or even bring you gas at a reasonable charge.

2. Your Car Just Broke Down

It doesn't matter whether your car broke down along the highway, in the middle of nowhere or a few blocks from home. When your car breaks down, it becomes immobile, and you have to do something about it. No amount of pushing can help you get to your destination.

You need to request breakdown towing services to haul your car to your repair service shop, instead of trying to repair it yourself and risk causing an accident.

3. You Have a Flat Tire and No Spare Tire

Flat tires can occur due to worn-out treads, low pressure or sudden punctures from sharp objects. A flat tire immobilizes your car. If you don't have a spare tire, you will be forced to reach out for towing services. Sometimes, you have a spare tire, but don't have the tools or know-how to replace it safely.

If you encounter any of these situations, call the breakdown towing services to help you replace the tire. They could also haul your vehicle to a repair shop you trust for a tire change.

4. Your Engine Starts to Overheat

When your engine begins overheating, it's evident that something is amiss. It could be from a defective fan belt or leaking water pumps. If you continue driving with an overheating engine, it might shut down and render your vehicle immobile. Therefore, you'll need to haul the car safely to a repair service shop immediately to resolve the issue. Trust a breakdown towing service to help you out.

Are you wondering when to make that call to a towing service centre? These four scenarios are adequate should help you to know when you might need breakdown towing services. 


8 April 2021