Two Tips for Those Who Need to Have Their Construction Machinery Towed


If you own a piece of construction machinery (such as a skid steer loader or a backhoe loader, for example) that you need to have towed, you should follow the advice described below when you get in touch with the towing company that will be providing you with this service. Ask for a tipper trailer if the area where the equipment needs to be unloaded is enclosed and small When people use a towing service to transport their construction equipment, they will often opt for a flatbed trailer, the base of which is usually a few feet above the ground.

10 September 2019

Safety Tips for Tow Truck Drivers


A tow truck is a truck used to transport impounded or wrecked vehicles. If you are a tow truck driver, below are a few tips to ensure your safety and the safety of other motorists.  Tow truck maintenance.  Always observe the tow truck's service intervals to keep the engine in good condition. Driving a tow truck with worn out tires could lead to accidents as it could slip or skid while towing.

19 January 2019